Nylon Rope Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Style Slip Training Leash Lead and Collar (Red)

Published in Uncategorized on 2nd October 2017
Nylon Rope Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Style Slip Training Leash Lead and Collar (Red)
USD 6.99

  • Color:Red/black/blue
  • Easy to use: slip on and slip off
  • Made of sturdy materials: smooth and strong
  • Size: Diameter 0.4 inch . Length:5''
  • Excellent for training, walks, and running

If you are a dog owner, especially of a powerful breed or an active one, this is a must-own product. It works excellent for training, correcting and walks. Many school trainers have been suggesting this type of lead for active dogs. Due to the excellent 8-figure design, it tightens when you need to, but loosens up when the dog is not pulling. With this great slip lead, no dogs will pull or choke themselves. It gives max control without being as harsh as the pinned choker correction collars. It is a great corrective tool for even big dogs without being overbearing. As we dog lovers all know, some dogs just love to pull no matter what. This is an easy and effective way to limit such behavior. It has helped dramatically and I have had great results. This leash is easy to use and the dogs respond well. Slip on, slip off. It is easy to slip it over an excited dog's head (MUCH easier than trying to clip on a traditional leash), and it can be easily adjusted so still easy to get it off of dog quickly. It is also great for when you are in a hurry and need to just slip something on the dog. Last but not least, this leash is a very well made sturdy product, a smooth pull leash with a good strong grip. The 1/2" is good thickness for a large dog, it feels great on hands and is thick enough to hold and does not slip out of hands, furthermore it doesn't dig into dog's neck. And the 6" length gives you enough slack to use it in a harness configuration.

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