No Bark Collar S / M / L , No Shock Vibration & Sound Humane Training Device , Control Your Pet With Anti Barking Dog Collars

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No Bark Collar S / M / L , No Shock Vibration & Sound Humane Training Device , Control Your Pet With Anti Barking Dog Collars
USD 37.99

  • HARMLESS AND HUMANE ( No Pain No harm ) - The DigyDog No Bark collar Warning Sound & Vibration Collar effectively reduces your dog's barking safely without causing him any pain or distress , like shock collar cause. Using a progressive high frequency ultrasonic sound and vibration painless stimulus non shocking with 6 level sensitivity adjustment and sleep mode it helps to prevent and control your dog's barking and train your dog in painless way with No Shock to stop bark .
  • STYLISH AND HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - The sensor and vibrating slim unit is made from a solid piece of durable plastic and the collar has an adjustable strap (10-22 inch) made from comfortable Nylon. It has a new beautiful design of paw on it which will make your dog look even cuter ! You will get 2 colors free to use blue and orange and you will get a cool Gift from us - led tag for your dog's collar .
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL DOG SIZES - The DigyDog best Vibration Collar works effectively on small and medium to large dogs and XLarge . We recommend using the collar on little dogs over 5 lbs to big dogs . This anti-bark collar is perfect to use for all breeds from pugs and terriers to Labradors 5 pound to 150 pounds .
  • BATTERY OPERATED -This electronic vibration collar devices uses a common classic 6V 4LR44 alkaline one mini battery (also known as PX28A, A544, K28A, V34PX) extra battery included for free .
  • FAST TRAINING - Our Electric automatic smart collar is designed to quickly and efficiently change your dog's barking behavior. The combination of warning beep and vibration teach your dog in a short time to stop bark to avoid the annoying beep and the sense of vibration which it feels when barking .

The best behaved dog on the block!

Let's be honest, one of the biggest problems with our beloved dogs is that they seem to never stop barking. We can't blame them. That's the way they express themselves. But all too often, it happens at the wrong time, interfering with the sanity of our neighbors, families, and even ourselves.
DigyDog Anti-Bark Sound and Vibration Collar is an effective, harmless and convenient way for your dog to finally stop barking.
Training your dog to stop barking doesn't have to be cruel or painful.
You don't need to SHOCK your dog to teach him not to bark. Throw out the shock collars and start using DigyDog - the new, humane and safe anti-bark collar.

How It Works!

Our collar quickly teaches your dog to understand the connection between barking, the warning beep and the vibration that they hear and feel.
When you use the DigyDog collar, your pet learns to stop barking and you and everyone around you can enjoy peace and quiet with your dog.
01 Bark - 1.5 seconds Warning Sound
02 Bark - 2.5 seconds Warning Sound
03 Bark - 4 seconds Warning Sound + 0.5 seconds Vibration
04 Bark - 4 seconds Warning Sound + 1 seconds Vibration
05 Bark - 4 seconds Warning Sound + 1.5 seconds Vibration
06 Bark - 4 seconds Warning Sound + 2 seconds Vibration
07 Bark - 4 seconds Warning Sound + 3 seconds Vibration
08 Bark - 1 Minute Sleep Mode

Package Includes:

1 x Barking control collar
2 x Plastic Panels (Blue and Orange)
1 x FREE GIFT - LED Tag for your dog's collar
2 x Batteries for long use (only 1 is needed)
4 x Short and Long Electrodes
1 x English instruction

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Order Your No-Bark Collar Now and Make Your Life Quiet!

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