Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Published in Dog Beds on 19th June 2021

Having a dog bed for a smaller dog is important because smaller dogs often don’t retain body heat the same way that a larger dog is able to. Plus, smaller dogs need a bed that makes them feel like they have a place they can retreat to.

This is good for when they’re tired or want to get away from human interaction for a while. You can find a restful retreat for your dog with the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed made of faux sheepskin.

The removable cover is machine washable and the interior is a hundred percent faux sheepskin. The bed is perfect for dogs that weigh up to 20 pounds. The interior of the bed is made of firm, but cushy foam that’s durable and will last through many uses.

If your dog likes cozy sides on his bed, try the Dogit Style Cuddle Bed, in extra small sizing. This bed comes in a bright purple color that’s very eye-catching and is filled with polyester fiber.

Dogit Style Cuddle Bed
Dogit Style Cuddle Bed

Soft Plush Leopard Pet Bed
Soft Plush Leopard Pet Bed

Measuring fourteen inches in length, it’s great for tiny dogs that are looking for a cozy place to rest. For a stylish dog bed, check out the Dimple Plush Nesting Dog Bed. This clamshell-shaped bed is plush and comfortable for small dogs.

The small size measures just eighteen inches, so it’s great for the dog that wants to feel warm and safe. The sides are bolstered, so your dog has a place to lay his head when he’s tired.

You can buy the bed in pink and black color or green and black color. Another stylish bed for a small dog is the Soft Plush Leopard Pet Bed. This bed is made of a polyester and cotton blend to give it a smooth and comfortable feel.

The pillow is removable to make washing it easier. This pillow is also reversible with one side being a solid color and the other side a leopard print. The bed comes in either baby pink or beige.

If your dog loves the clamshell-shaped beds, then the Uptown Dog Bed is a perfect match for your pooch. This bed is machine washable and made of polyester. It measures just twenty-six inches in diameter, so it’s great for dogs that love to cuddle in small spaces.

And cuddling in small places is actually what dogs are seeking. This makes them feel like it’s their den. You can purchase the bed in either a floral or spiral pattern for the exterior of the bed.

The pillow that comes with the bed has a solid color on one side and a matching pattern

on the opposite side. The bottom of the bed is non-skid nylon, so the bed will stay put when your dog moves around in it.